Ag Partners awards $1,000 to De Jong Family

Ag Partners is pleased to be able to provide funding to the Scott and Erica De Jong Family of Alton, which will be used toward the purchase of a diabetic alert dog for their daughter, Brooke.

The De Jong family was recently awarded $1,000 through Ag Partners’ LocalMotion program.

Brooke, age 15, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2014. There is currently no cure for Type 1 diabetes. 

Diabetic alert dogs alert persons with Diabetes when their blood sugar is high and when it is low, situations that can be life-threatening for diabetics. They do this by smelling their owners’ breath, which chemically changes during periods of high and low blood sugars. The dog is trained to “alert” their owners by pawing them or nudging them, and if they don’t respond, they are trained to then go find help.

 “We made the decision to move forward with a diabetic alert dog, because Brooke needs that back up,” Erica De Jong said. “When her blood sugar goes down, it falls fast, and she doesn’t always catch it. Nights are the hardest, as Brooke is a deep sleeper and doesn’t hear the alerts on her technology devices. A diabetic alert dog will be a blessing to our family.”

Brooke is “hypoglycemic unaware,” meaning she  doesn’t always catch her symptoms for low blood sugar right away, and can often become confused and not sure what is going on around her.

The De Jongs will be getting their diabetic alert dog, an American Black Lab named Finn, from the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America organization in Las Vegas, Nevada. The dog will arrive in February, along with a specialized trainer, who will work with Brooke and her new dog to get them both acclimated to each other.

A fundraiser will be held on Saturday, November 18 from 5-7 p.m. at the Maurice Reformed Church, with donations going toward the cost of bringing Finn home.

Donations through the LocalMotion program are available, but not limited to, individuals, civic organizations, businesses, schools and for community events. A donation request form must be completed to begin the request process. Contact your local Ag Partners location for more information, or visit

Ag Partners provides products, services and market access in the areas of grain, agronomy, feed and petroleum. Formed in 1997, the company represents a joint venture between Alceco, an Iowa cooperative, and Cargill. The company’s locations include retail and wholesale agronomy outlets, grain facilities and feed mills throughout Iowa. For more information, visit



 The De Jong Family receives a check from Ag Partners team members Greg Koerselman, Tina Dekker, Donna Miranda and Ken Van Donslear. 


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