Meet the Interns: Garett Hagenow

 Garett Hagenow 






Iowa State University 

Area of Study 

Agricultural Systems Technology 


Readlyn, Iowa 

Describe yourself 

I was raised on a small row crop farm outside of the little town of Readlyn in northeast Iowa. I enjoy activities such as: Snowmobiling, hunting, water skiing, restoring tractors and helping on the family farm. I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family as much as possible.

What do you hope to learn this summer? 

This summer, I hope to be able to learn a variety of different things. Through my past work experience I have had the opportunity to be around the hardware side of precision agriculture. However, I have not had as much experience in the data management area. Therefore, I hope to be able to learn how data management will be able to help farmers increase yields and profit. I also look forward to learning more of how agronomy relates to this, for example: How variable rate planting and fertilizer maps can help to save on inputs. Finally, I look forward to working with farmers in an area of the state I am not as familiar with to see how operations are similar and slightly different than from where I come from.  

What type of work do you plan to pursue after graduation? 

My goal after graduation is to pursue a career in the precision agriculture and agronomy world. I have not decided the exact part of precision agriculture I want to focus on since I greatly enjoy every aspect of it, ranging from a GPS system on a tractor all the way to scouting fields with the use of a drone. Overall,my main goal is to land a career that allows me to help farmers push for increased yields and profit. This will allow us to address the issue of feeding the growing demand for food on the land we have. 

Why, in your opinion is agriculture important? 

In my opinion, agriculture is important because everyone uses multiple agriculture products every day, and we rely on them to go about our daily lives. I feel agriculture is what built this country and is still a large part of the backbone that holds us together. Agriculture has also taught me life lessons I feel I would not have learned anywhere else. A couple examples being the meaning of hard work and earning what I have. 

If you see Garett out and about this summer, be sure to say hello! 

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