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Winter Driving Safety

by Beth Wischmeyer on 11.16.2016

With the arrival of the white stuff likely this week, here's a refresher on winter driving safety, and a list of things you should carry in your vehicle. 

Farm operators depend on powerful equipment to effectively handle commodities. Although some injuries occur in recognized danger areas, such as around power take-offs, many others occur in areas where hazards are not readily apparent.
When a farm vehicle is involved in a collision in the public right-of-way, there often is a large difference in the relative speed of the two vehicles. A passenger car traveling at 55 miles per hour approaches a tractor traveling in the same direction at 15 miles per hour at a rate of 59 feet per second. If the car does not slow down, it reduces the distance between itself and the tractor by the length of a football field in just 5 seconds. 
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