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When a farm vehicle is involved in a collision in the public right-of-way, there often is a large difference in the relative speed of the two vehicles. A passenger car traveling at 55 miles per hour approaches a tractor traveling in the same direction at 15 miles per hour at a rate of 59 feet per second. If the car does not slow down, it reduces the distance between itself and the tractor by the length of a football field in just 5 seconds. 
Hello, my name is Jesse Uittenbogaard. I am currently one of the Precision Ag interns based out of our Calumet location.  Growing up on a farm near Sanborn, I know how vitally important the planting operation is to a farm’s success. A major piece of the puzzle when growing a successful crop starts with your corn planter’s meters. 

Much anticipated USDA report released

by Beth Wischmeyer on 03.31.2015
For corn, they estimated 2015 plantings at 89.199 million acres.  While this is about 1.5% less than their 2014 number of 90.597, it was more than most people expected.
Right now we need to be looking over planters and getting them ready to go to the field. Try to remember last year if you had any spacing, emergence, or stand issues? Have you done anything to fix these problems?
Well, the snow has come and most people in agriculture put everything away and wait for next year. However, in the Ag Partners InSite Precision Ag Department it means we have data to process, new equipment coming out and early order time from Ag Leader.
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