Rotten Corn
Aspergillus, Diplodia, Gibberella and Fusarium are just some of the ear and stalk rots starting to surface across the country at this time.
Enlist Lineup Expands
Straight-goods 2,4-D choline herbicide offers optional tank-mix flexibility for tolerant crops.
Kub's Den
Ahead expectations for a heavy 2017/18 grain-handling season, U.S. freight costs are comfortably within the ranges of the past 10 years.
Dicamba Ruling Advances
The Pesticide Committee of the Arkansas State Plant Board voted this week to take task force recommendations on dicamba use in the state to the state's full Plant Board.
NOAA Issues La Nina Watch
Prospects for La Nina by the end of 2017 suggest possible threat to 2018 South America and U.S. crops.
Ag's HR Coach
Here's why you should consider looking at job candidates outside of agriculture.
DDG Weekly Update
The DTN average dried distillers grains price was unchanged for the week ended Sept. 14 at $108 per ton.
Tyson Plant Opposition Grows
Tyson Foods has announced plans to build a chicken-processing plant that would create markets for chicken and grain, while creating 1,600 new jobs near Tonganoxie, Kansas. But many members of the community are opposed to the project.
Dicamba Questions
How often could growers legally spray dicamba in 2017? Not that often, especially if states and the EPA adopt new use restrictions in 2018, say two Indiana scientists.
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