Our Grain Advantages Count in Your Favor

We offer four very good reasons to do grain business with Ag Partners. Each advantage grows out of our unique structure. We are the hybrid created by an Iowa cooperative known for being among the first to ship unit trains—but that’s not all. We partnered with a world-class ag company known for its grain marketing savvy. These things combined give us our unique structure.

Our customers reap the benefits of all we know and all we are willing to learn. We offer customers innovative risk-management products, marketplace leverage, harvest-season efficiency, and grain operations safety—four very good reasons to do your grain business with Ag Partners.

Grain Facility Statistics – 2016

   Licensed Space

Unload Capacity
(Per Hour)

Dryer Capacity
(Per hour)

Rail Service
Albert City  9,128,000  62,000  14,000  UP
Alta 5,343,000  72,000  5,000  CN/BN
Fonda 3,926,000
 46,000  3,800  CN
Royal 3,905,000
 50,000  6,000  
Emmetsburg 1,288,000  20,000 5,000
Hartley 5,068,000
 55,000  10,500  UP/CP
Sheldon North
 2,015,000 13,600   5,000  
Sheldon South
 79,000  5,000    
Alton 7,029,000  50,000  7,000  UP
Sutherland  1,583,000  20,000  1,200  
Matlock  1,403,000  20,800    
Hospers  1,200,000   15,000  2,500  
Maurice  979,000  9,000    
 Total 42,946,00 436,400  60,000  

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