We’re Connected to Our Communities

We never forget our connection to the Iowa towns we serve. Our customers and shareholders come together in those communities.

We fully understand our own role in Ag Partners hometowns: Our company is a major employer in rural northwest Iowa and a vital resource for its farms.

Our employees live there, too. You know them as firefighters, school volunteers, community event planners, church leaders, and recreation program coaches. Any time you experience small-town life at its best, look around—you’ll notice someone who goes to work in an Ag Partners shirt.

Just as our employees give back, we give back as a company. Our LocalMotion program donates 1% of net profits from agronomy sales to community projects. We’re pleased to champion our communities because our success is connected to theirs.

If your community would like to submit a project for consideration by our LocalMotion committee let us know
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