Membership Info

Alceco, the farm cooperative component in Ag Partners LLC, contributes leadership through its board of directors elected by customers holding co-op membership. Thanks to board members’ participation in decisions, customers can expect growth grounded in practicality.

These active farmers willingly contribute their time to advancing the needs of all our members.

Albert City Elevator, A Cooperative (Alceco), dates back to 1925. The original Farmers Elevator Company was created as a stock company in 1905 and reorganized as a cooperative 20 years later.

Membership advantages:

All cooperative shareholders accrue patronage for their business with Ag Partners. The company differs from some farmer-owned cooperatives, though, because its equity policy is structured to contribute to the farmer-member’s cash flow while retaining equity for the future.

Specifically, the majority of the members’ dividend is paid in cash while a small portion is applied to an equity share. Alceco wants to ensure the tax liability for farmer-members doesn't exceed the cash distribution.

Q: What are the advantages of being a member?
A: There are two primary advantages: each member receives voting privilege and earns patronage or dividends for doing business with Ag Partners. Voting members elect their Alceco board members for a three-year term.

Q: Do I qualify for membership?
A: If you are actively engaged in farming and do business with Ag Partners LLC, you are eligible to become a member.

Q: How do I apply for membership?
A: Simply print this application and mail it or return it to your nearest Ag Partners location.