Cardtrol updates completed in Sheldon, Alton

Ag Partners has completed upgrading its Cardtrol systems in Sheldon Truck Shop, and at the Alton bulk plant, and those locations can now accept both major credit cards and Ag Partners Cardtrol cards. 

Upgrades were needed because of updated Payment Card Industry compliance rules and regulations.

Upgrades to the Albert City location will take place over the next few weeks. Once completed, the Albert City location will accept Ag Partners Cardtrol cards only. 

The downtown Alton and Varina locations will continue to only take Ag Partners Cardtrol Cards. 

Brad's Service in Sioux Rapids, which provides fuel that can be purchased with a major credit card or Ag Partners Cardtol card, has put in new pumps and a new credit card system as well. 

Additional updates will be posted at once all upgrades have been completed.

We thank you for your patience, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Marlin Uittenbogaard, Ag Partners Energy Manager at, or call him at 712-756-5461. 

Until all the cardtrols are updated, no PIN numbers are required at the newly-updated cardtrol sites. If you have lost your cardtrol, contact Marlin or an Ag Partners location immediately. 



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