Storm Lake High School Key Club Awarded Funds

The Storm Lake High School Key Club was recently awarded matching grants from Alceco, a farmer-owned cooperative, and the Land O’Lakes Foundation.

The organization was awarded a total of $300, which will be used toward the cost of purchasing containers to store flags that are a part of the annual Parade of Flags celebration in Buena Vista County. The Parade of Flags is a foundation started by the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the purpose of the foundation is to honor the deceased veterans of this country. Currently, there are nearly 1,000 dedicated flags, each tagged with the name of a veteran, and are displayed across the Buena Vista County Courthouse and the great lawn of King’s Pointe on Memorial Day.

The Storm Lake High School Key Club assists with disassembling the flags, and in previous years, the flags were stored on their poles and stacked in a semi-trailer, but this tended to tear and rip the flags due to the screws on the poles. To keep the flags preserved, the Key Club is assisting with fundraising and donating funds to purchase additional containers for the flags.

Albert City Elevator, A Cooperative (Alceco), dates back to 1925. The original Farmers Elevator Company was created as a stock company in 1905 and reorganized as a cooperative 20 years later. Today, Alceco continues to thrive as the farmer-owned cooperative partner of Ag Partners, L.L.C. The Land O’ Lakes Foundation match program matches dollar-for-dollar the cash donation of member cooperatives.












Back Row: Parade of Flags Foundation members – Joe Keller, Deloris Britt, Curt Reis, Steve Ellis, & Mike Jones

Front Row: Key Club Members – Christian Clarke, Tammy Nepple (Sponsor), Ana Sanchez, Lessly Ortega, and Nancy Robbins with Ag Partners 






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