"Our stance at Ag Partners is consistent base hits. Being able to hit a home run in the grain business is just lucky. We believe using a variety of different methods by understanding their risk and reward is sound marketing."

Ken Van Donslear - Marketing Service Rep, Alton location


ProPricing contracts are known for helping grain producers take the stress and emotion out of grain marketing and replacing it with discipline and confidence. Each contract gives you:

  • Access to industry experts,
  • Automatic execution of your chosen strategies,
  • Timely performance updates, and
  • Flexibility to choose delivery periods.

When used consistently and strategically, ProPricing can help you see the kind of return most farmers find difficult to achieve on their own.

Talk to your local Ag Partners grain buyer for more information on ProPricing.


Other Ag Partners Risk Management tools

  • Minimum Price Contract—You select a floor price while maintaining upside and hold on to the ability to price at any time.
  • No-Basis-Established (NBE) Contract—Secure a futures prices and delivery period without specifying the basis level.
  • Daily Floor Plus™—Establish your futures reference price by marketing an equal number of bushels daily during a specified period.
  • Focal Point™—When you establish an initial price on a selected futures month and then re-price at a later date, you stay in the market.
  • Pacer™ and Pacer Ultra™—Because the majority of grain is marketed in the bottom one third of the market, Pacer marketing tools guarantee the average price and help you keep pace with volatile marketing factors.
  • Premium Offer—The premium is paid in exchange for a firm offer to sell additional grain for deferred delivery at an established price.
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